New territory for me – I’ve never been further East than Quebec on previous trips and we are both really looking forward to exploring this less touristy part of Canada. At the first stop out of Quebec we are bailed up by a guy in a shiny new Porsche Carrera S who is pretty excited to see us.  Not something you would expect from a Porsche owner in Australia but Canadians are friendly everywhere we go.

Next stop is for lunch at Grand Falls.  Pretty spectacular on this lovely warm summer’s day but must be even better in the spring thaw when according to the signboard it carries 90% of Niagra Falls’ volume.  Lorraine gets directions to a patisserie on the other side of town which looks very quiet.    Most of the bread and other goodies have gone by the time we arrive but no problems, Madame offers us homemade pea soup and bread to keep us going.

As we are leaving a shiny MGB pulls up and we chat with Eudore who lives nearby.  He asks if we would like to see a big bridge and of course we say yes.  So off we go about 10 km down the main road and then a short drive on a bumpy road over the top of the hill to be greeted by the sight of a spectacular railway bridge across the valley.  Built by Canadian Rail in the early 1900s it is 240m high and dwarfs his house and garage.  Who needs Skyrail…


A quick update on how the cars are going.  Both Red Car and Blue B have been having intermittent problems with overdrives.  Ken has become expert in rebuilding overdrive solenoids and they both seem to be getting on top of it.  Blue B has a more serious problem – it is consuming ever more oil with a complete engine rebuild the only solution.  Ross is becoming increasingly concerned and asks the distance we are planning to drive around Newfoundland before we put the cars on the ship to the UK.  I suggest it would be about 4 litres which Ross didn’t seem to find helpful.


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