Louisville to Watkins Glen

The last day of the National Meeting where we’ve met some amazing people gathered from all over the US and Canada who share a common interest in MGs.  This morning everyone is driving to the waterfront where all 800 plus cars will be on show to the public.  A beautiful location on the banks of the Ohio River and close to the downtown area.


We have a long drive ahead and leave around 2 in the afternoon to mix it with the trucks on the interstate heading north and then west to Watkins Glen passing through Ohio, Pennsylvania and into New York State.  I reflect on a couple of conversations, the first one overheard when one of the MG people is leaving one of the sessions and talking loudly on the phone to his wife.  “Hi darling,  did you have a good day?  Did you go to the shooting gallery?”  This was just after we had read about the Tennessee politician who was running a fund-raiser and offered an AK-47 assault rifle as a door prize.  When someone queried whether this was an appropriate offer in the aftermath of the Orlando shootings he responded by upping the door prize to two AK-47s.  “No-one is going to take away my right to bear arms”.  The other conversation was with a lady sitting in her Cadillac looking at our cars outside the motel.  “They’re cute cars, where are y’all from?”  “We’re from Australia” I reply.  “Oh, that’s awesome, how fantastic (slight pause) is that far away from here?”

Some amazing sights on the interstate highways – pick-up trucks with oversize wheels, motorhomes towing full size Jeeps as their run-around and convoys of interstate transports dwarfing our tiny little cars.  But we survived another day..



2 thoughts on “Louisville to Watkins Glen

  1. Hi Ian and Lorraine
    I’m so enjoying your travelogue and all you are doing. How amusing re the woman asking about where Australia is !!


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