Watkins Glen

A beautiful morning when we wake at the Seneca Lodge.  Blue sky, birds are singing and it isn’t going to be too hot.  Such a change after some of the hot gritty places we have stayed in.  This is the big day for the cardboard boat races at the lakeside park and everyone is in town.  We find a place for breakfast and then drop off Lorraine and Laurel to do some shopping while Dave and I go to the International Motor Racing Research Centre which is run by enthusiasts dedicated to keeping the history of motorsport at the Glen alive.  With the Glen’s rich history not only in Formula 1 but also Nascar and Indycars they have a pretty impressive pedigree of Directors including people like Roger Penske.  First off we are interviewed by Ron Hills for a YouTube piece to be shown on youtube/theracereport.TV in a few weeks.

After a quick browse through their expansive collection we are off to the circuit to drive a few laps around the circuit behind a control car.  I was last here in 1971 to watch the US Grand Prix but there was no chance to experience the circuit from the track side of the fence that time.  Our time slot is delayed 30 minutes because there are dozens of Corvettes in town and they seem to get priority – no problem, we get to admire them streaming past making nice noises.  The it’s our turn and I find myself behind a Holden masquerading as a Chev SS – hmm 415 horsepower vs. 90 hp nearly 50 years ago might be fun…  As it turned out he could have used some driving lessons and Navy Car could easily keep especially through the corners.   Dave was right behind me in RIP and also having a fun time.  Unfortunately there was a no-passing rule so not as much fun as I’d hoped but it did mean we got to enjoy the views of this beautiful circuit with its freshly laid tarmac as well.



1 thought on “Watkins Glen

  1. Loving the details of your journey Ian, reminding me of my time in Pennsylvania and Vermont last year. Keep safe on those mega highways, was blown away by the New Jersey Turnpike as we drove from West Chester PA to Lake Groton VT. A nine hour drive to a friend’s holiday cabin.
    He needed a Bex and a good lie down after that effort. I remember driving past the Colt Factory with its’ gold minarets, a gift from a Middle Eastern Potentate who loved their product.
    The gun culture is terrifying.
    Love to yourself and Lorraine,
    Nette XX


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