Peggy’s Cove and Lunenberg

Almost the end but can’t leave Nova Scotia without checking out the best tourist spots.  Peggy’s Cove is only half an hour from Halifax and claims to have the most photographed lighthouse in the world.  Easy to see why and we weren’t about to argue.

A little further on we found Lunenberg which dates back to a settlement of German and Swiss Protestants in 1753 which was funded by Britain.  This begs the question why would the British fund a settlement of German and Swiss people?  Apparently they were intent on pushing out the indigenous Mi’kmaq people and also the Acadian catholics who got along just fine with each other but didn’t fit with Britain’s strategic ambitions.  They were also dissatisfied with the quality of the British immigrants who settled in Halifax a few years earlier and thought the German and Swiss would have better work ethics.  It all worked well for a few years until the Germans rebelled against British rule – as Basil Fawlty would have said, don’t mention the war….  Lunenberg is now a UNESCO Heritage Site and beautifully preserved.

Image-1 (3)


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