Back to Nova Scotia

Another long ferry trip, this time around 16 hours from Argentia in Newfoundland back to Sydney in Novia Scotia.  Thick fog all the way in the best equipped ferry we have travelled on.  No sound of engines or vibration, just the regular tooting from the foghorn and slight rocking from the swells to make us aware we are on the move.  We slept for around 11 hours catching up on sleep after all the long days and stuff happening over the past weeks.

The first part of the drive leaving Sydney retraces the route we took after completing the Cabot Trail a few days ago and we soon reach Baddeck, the historic town where Alexander Graham Bell spent much of his later life.  Everyone knows he was the first to demonstrate a practical telephone but he also promoted the first powered flight in the British Empire according to the story board in the main street.  Which reminds me of something I read a few days ago

“Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone,Thomas Edison invented the Light Bulb and Joseph Lucas invented the Short Circuit”

How true ….

Given a choice between the freeway or the longer coast road RIP and Navy Car once again opted for the scenic route.  So many lakes and cottages – is there one lake for each Canadian? Beautiful white painted churches in every little village.  We’ve been told that few Canadians are regular churchgoers these days and evangelical churches haven’t caught on so there may be a real estate opportunity for church conversions coming up.

Image-1 (1)

Red Car has had a rough day – another exhaust valve has burnt out so they take the direct route and get to Halifax before us.  By the time we get there, Ken has the cylinder head off with a new valve about to be fitted.  An inspection suggests his problems may be due to poor hardening of the valve rocker arms when his engine was prepared for South America – there is heavy wear where they contact the valve stems and may be preventing the valves from rotating as they should.  Another engine reconditioner to avoid.

Almost the end of the trip as the cars will be shipped out of Halifax in a few days  on a ro-ro ship to Southampton.  Tomorrow is a sightseeing day around Halifax


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