Nova Scotia

Two ferries today, the first shorter one from Wood Islands on Prince Edward across to Pictou in Novia Scotia.  The ferry is full of holiday makers in cars and RVs along with about a dozen huge timber trucks taking pine logs to Novia Scotia – talk about coals to Newcastle!  Just 50 minutes later we were disembarking and heading east towards Cape Breton Island and the starting point of the Cabot Trail.  By lunchtime we are half way up the west coast and everyone is feeling pretty tired.  RIP and Navy Car elect to go the long way around to enjoy the complete circuit of the Cabot Trail – that David is a smooth talker.  Red Car and Blue B decide on the shorter route across the island to save around 160 km.  Green Car will take a more leisurely drive around because they aren’t going to Newfoundland.  So goodbyes all round and we head off on one of the most beautiful drives in the world.  Fantastic views of the ocean at every turn as we drive from the start of the National Park at Chiticama to Pleasant Bay where the road heads inland across to the east coast.  Then an even longer coast drive before we reach the main road taken by the other cars.  Another road to add to the Best 10 Driving Roads in the world – not sure which one will have to drop off to make room for the Cabot Trail.  Lobster for dinner looking out across the bay before we join the queue of cars waiting to catch the ferry to Newfoundland.



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