One week to go

We were a bit surprised how many were following our adventures on the 2012 Cape to Cairo trip with our MG friends so we’ve joined the 21st century and started a blog to let everyone know about the next trip – driving the legendary Pan American Highway.  We will once again share this trip with our friends Simon and Maddy – this time Lorraine and I will drive the first leg from Santiago south through Chile to Ushuaia and then turn northward to drive Route 40 through Argentina to Bolivia and Lima Peru where we will hand the car over and head for a relaxing week in the Galapagos Islands.

Just over a week before we leave for Santiago Chile and the 8 cars are already ‘unstuffed’ from the containers ‘in perfect condition’.  ‘Unstuffed’ seems to be an expression used by shippers which we assume is the opposite of something we would prefer not to encounter on this trip.

7 of the crews are well known from the Cape to Cairo trip and we are pleased to also welcome Mike and Kay who are very active members in the Victorian MGCC.  Interestingly the 3 Victorian entries are all GT models while the Queensland, NSW and SA entries are all soft tops.  There is a clue in the weather forecast for Patagonia  ‘cold with unrelenting gale force winds’.  Sounds just like Melbourne to me…..

We have set up the website with separate pages to tell a little about us and the car followed by the stories from the Silk Road and Cape to Cairo trips.  There will also be a gallery where we will post pictures of the trip.

If you would like to be alerted by email when we post new material then just become a Follower by clicking on the Follow icon.  We look forward to your comments!


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